Who Cares for the Caretakers?

You believe in caring for our own after death. Does that include you, when you die?

I ask, because when it comes to me and my own family, they’re just not all that into it. I mean, they love and support me, and respect my work in this field. But I don’t really seeing them being up to the task of tending to me in a way that would suit me. If I had a say.

So that has led me to think about ‘what if there were a group of folks who believe like I do, geographically near to me…and we could all share the care of one another when we die?’

I’ve thought about this a lot. Which is why I’m super excited to attend this session, so I don’t have to try and reinvent something tried and tested. This circle has already been going since 2009, and they love to share how to start a community, group, or family-centered after death care group yourself.

Join Lee Hoyt, and Kelly Whited-Ford on Sunday September 24 to learn more.

Start your own Threshold Circle in your community.  Register today and find out how. September 22 – 24 near WA DC.

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Thanks to Lifespan Doulas Association for sponsoring ‘How to Start a Threshold Care Group.’