Top 10 Reasons to Attend This Year’s NHFA Conference

Every other year, we host the NHFA Conference, an event designed around the home funeral community and a way for all of us to share ideas, educate ourselves, and to grow new friendships. Each conference has been better than the last, and this year’s event is shaping up to be the best yet. Whether you’re new to home funerals or a seasoned veteran, coming to the National Home Funeral Alliance Conference, beginning this September 22nd, is an experience that is well worth doing.

We designed this year’s schedule around the most requested speakers, events, and sessions, taking feedback from home funeral guides, community newcomers, hospice, hospital and funeral directors. Here are just a few of the reasons we think you’ll love this year’s event.

Learn new skills: Our Sunday Skill Sessions are great for newbies, or as a refresher, providing information and experience you can carry home with confidence. Get your home funeral business off the ground with sessions like Home Funeral 101 – Body Care Basics with Oxford, England based home funeral guide, Claire Turnham, or learn how to incorporate new ideas and techniques into your practice with Pet Home Funerals with renowned home funeral guide Jerrigrace Lyons.

Connect to others: Home funeral activists like you are coming from all over the world to network and take their place as home funeral influencers by meeting people and sharing stories, hopes, and aspirations. As much as this event is about working as a home funeral guide, it’s also about community, experience, and storytelling. We’ll be sharing our stories, and we look forward to hearing yours.

Stop trying to go it alone: It’s lonely out there! Many in the home funeral community suffer from a lack of local support, and previous conference-goers attest to the power of personal presence where deep and lasting ties are formed. Come to The Unbroken Circle to hear about death traditions from Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist funeral directors.

Deepen your understanding: All of our conference sessions provide you with solid information from reliable sources, deepening your understanding of the work and of your place in it.

Rejuvenate your practice: Participants report time and time again that they leave with renewed faith in the work. Take this opportunity to fill your own cup and nourish your spirit. Join Zenith Virago for a screening of  Zen and the Art of Dying, a documentary by Broderick Fox, on Saturday, the 23rd.

Zenith Virago photo

Stay relevant: Like any other field, you need to stay abreast of changes that can come from any direction. We have assembled some of the most knowledgeable authorities on the changing legal scene, plus pioneers in related fields to keep you up to date and in the know. Don’t be caught unprepared when families come to you with their questions. Learn more about the most recent changes in home funerals at Saturday’s keynote, Everybody Can be an Advocate.

Prepare to partner: Are you a hospice, hospital, care facility, or funeral home professional looking to learn more about home funeral families’ needs? You’ll hear first-hand what families are expecting and why they want to manage the details themselves — and how you can support them while fulfilling your organization’s needs, at Building Bridges: Advocating to Hospices & Hospitals.

Get professional support: Are you a home funeral guide looking for career support? Or a death doula, end-of-life specialist, celebrant, or clergy member? You’ll find colleagues and inspiration here.

Validate your vocation: Ever worry you aren’t being taken seriously? There’s nothing like being in a room with people who share your convictions to send you home with the courage and confidence to continue the work on your own terms. Learn what to say, and how to say it, to ensure you receive the respect and appreciation your hard work deserves.

Demonstrate your integrity: Your participation in NHFA events assures others that you have made the effort to learn the most you can about home funerals, increasing their trust in you and your message.

Early Bird registration for the conference is open now, and space is limited! Register for the NHFA conference today, and join us for one of the most transformative events available in the home funeral guide community.