Why Does Ritual Matter?

Imagine…you’re in a room preparing to wash a dead body for the first time. Maybe you’re with a few others, some strangers. You’re nervous and unsure. Even if you’ve done this before, every situation is different. And what is so often missing is becoming gently mindful, setting intention, and creating ritual that is unique to the situation.

Kateyanne Unullisi is a funeral celebrant and home funeral guide who co-wrote Home Funeral Ceremonies: A primer to honor the dying and the dead with reverence, light-heartedness and grace. This little book of ceremonies is specific to each part the home funeral journey, from preparing the room to leaving the home, to burial or ash-scattering.

You can listen to an interview with Dr. Karen Wyatt, Kateyanne, and co-author Donna Belk about their understanding of ceremony and death here.

Plus, the first 25 folks who get out of bed Sunday morning to attend will receive a free copy of the book.

Create your own ceremonies for home vigils, funerals and memorials.  Register today and find out how. September 22 – 24 near WA DC.

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