The Trust Of Your Community

Is there anything more important than trust?

Trust is what ensures our place in our community. It’s the metric by which we judge the success of our businesses, the strength of our relationships, and the value of our knowledge. We trust the people who keep their word and prove their competence. We learn to avoid those that repeatedly fail our trust in them.

For most businesses – and indeed most public services – trust is easy to earn. Doctors carry degrees. Most professionals show up to interviews with portfolios of work and resumes of experience. For the rest of us, things aren’t so easy.

As of today, there is no state or national standard for home funeral guides, doulas, death mid-wives, or any other variation on home deathcare. You cannot be licensed as a home funeral guide. There are no accredited universities offering doctorates in green burial. While independent classes and certifications do exist, they have no real reputation outside of the home funeral community, and thus may do very little to impress new families.

For those of us that choose to devote some part of our lives – and indeed our income – to home funeral practice, trust is the one thing that allows us to keep going. We rely on word of mouth, the trust of our families and communities, to carry our message forward.

Winning that trust isn’t easy. It’s not as simple as just “doing a good job” for a few years. This is a constant practice. It isn’t enough to take the knowledge from one certification program with the hope that it will carry you through your entire career. Like any other teacher, home funeral guides must stay up to date.

The laws, needs, and beliefs around home funerals are changing all the time. Old knowledge and old experiences only go so far.

As the only national gathering of home funeral guides, experts, leaders, and workers, the NHFA Conference is an invaluable event for anyone interested or working in the home funeral movement. This is your chance to learn from leaders in the movement, and to share experiences, ideas, challenges, and stories with your peers.

You owe it to yourself to experience this event – and more importantly, you owe it to the families you serve. You would never dream of depriving your families of the best possible care, and this event can help ensure that never happens.

Join us, this September, and learn. We’ll share laughs and tears, we’ll break bread and sip wine. Through it all, we’ll be coming together as one mind, one voice, and one spirit, to take home funerals to the next level, and to take our own practices above and beyond.