The Next Level of End of Life Care

You’ve just finished getting riled about our rights and how to keep them. You’ve taken a break and a breath of fresh air, maybe made lunch plans with some home funeral friends. Now it’s time to step it up a notch, and find ways to build stronger bridges and allies between agencies of end of life and after death care – and our own practices.

Folks: this is where the rubber meets the road. We all face the challenge of helping those in authority know that home funerals are safe and legal. We’ve been working on advocacy and legal issues since day one, and have an entire section of our website devoted to it. Check it out!

Let’s do this together. In a room. With experts. We all need to hear more on how we can make that happen, or what to do when someone in our community calls us with that very problem.

You are not alone. Together, this is a challenge we can solve.

Join this fantastic discussion & Q/A to learn how to:

  • work with hospices and hospitals to create understanding and write policies that meet family needs
  • approach institutional leaders
  • overcome obstacles
  • and find common ground

With Lee Webster, NHFA; Fabio Lomelino, Gilchrist Hospice; Sarah Quinn; facilitated by Nina Thompson.

Please join us. Register today and go home ready to work with your local policymakers. September 22 – 24 near WA DC.

Learn more about the speakers.

Thanks to Threshold Support Circle and Quality of Life Care for sponsoring ‘Building Bridges: Advocating to Hospices & Hospitals.’