What You Can Do

Keep home funerals legal

We want to support you in taking action in your area to keep home funerals legal. We aren’t a lobbying organization – that’s what you are for! When a local citizen shows up armed with information to their local government, it makes a huge difference. It says that we care, and we are informed. The NHFA can help provide information. Here’s how you can get involved:

hand made coffin leaning on a table1. Get educated

Restoring Families Rights to Choose – Co-written by the National Home Funeral Alliance and the Funeral Consumers Alliance, we call for restoring rights to care for own after death. Here’s a one page synopsis.

What to Do When Families’ Home Funeral Rights Are Challenged, cowritten by the NHFA and Funeral Consumer Alliance, 6-12-15

Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death, by Josh Slocum and Lisa Carlson – Provides state-by-state information consumers and families need to know to conduct their funeral affairs

Purchase your state’s laws in Final Rights by State.

Protecting Your Online Assets: 9 Ways to Safeguard Your Digital Legacy, Time Magazine, 11-29-12

2. If your rights are challenged

Read 9 Things to Do When Families’ Home Funeral Rights Are Challenged for help, including contact information.

3. Help us mount a Constitutional challenge

Help us gather instances of infringement on our right to privacy and home funerals in restrictive states.

The NHFA, FCA, and the Institute for Justice are exploring the possibility of challenging laws in restrictive states on a constitutional basis. Learn what’s happening and how you can help.

4. Participate on your local and state level

Learn how to track legislation in your state, tools for meeting with your state legislators, and how you can take action now. Send a letter to appropriate policymakers [Legislation Sample Letter]

5. Find tools you can use to create change

We are an education and advocacy organization. You are welcome to use our presentations to go out into your community to spread the word about home funerals and talking points to use for your local press.

shrouded body covered with flowers on a rustic wagon6. Advocate for change at every level

Every movement needs a group of dedicated leaders willing to take the time and energy to make change happen. Whether at the state level by talking with policymakers or at the local level with your favorite hospice nurse or hospital board member, you can make a difference that will reverberate out into the movement. Find out how a little effort on your part can go a long way.

7. Contact our Legislative Committee