Funeral Restrictions in Alabama

Bad news in Alabama

Alabama has joined the states that require a funeral director to oversee family’s personal funeral affairs, bringing the total to ten. Here’s what the new statute says:

“b) Every funeral service, memorial service, or interment, or part
thereof, that is conducted in Alabama shall be in the actual charge and shall be under the direct supervision of a funeral director who is licensed by the board.” (The Alabama Board of Funeral Service statutes, pg. 43)

Yes, you read that right. Not just funeral services. Memorial services.


What you can do

NOW are you ready to join the fight to keep funerals in the hands of American families?

NHFA and FCA can help support local constituents with information to try and get this rolled back. Our Legislative Committee can give you ideas – but it’s the LOCALS who need to be boots on the ground. Here’s what you can do:

Are you in Alabama?

Contact Governor Bentley’s office. Call and leave a message on the switchboard to register your opinion at 334-242-7100. Or send an email. Or both.

Let the legislators know how you feel. Here’s how to find individuals in the legislature.

Join our Legislative Committee and prepare to roll up your sleeves. We NEED you! Contact us today.

We work with the Funeral Consumer Alliance to keep and restore a family’s right to choose how to care for their own after death. Read this compelling paper, jointly written with the watchdog Funeral Consumer Alliance  – and share with those you care about. Restoring Families’ Rights to Choose

‘Final Rights’ by Funeral Consumers Alliance is a must have! Or you can look at each state online at their website here:…