Funeral Directors Can Support Home Funerals

12 Ways Funeral Directors Can Support Home Funeral Families

two children decorating a casketThe most important thing funeral directors can do to help home funeral families is offer the compassionate understanding that this is something families feel called to do for their loved one and themselves, their friends, and community.

Home funeral families by and large are looking for simplicity, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and a shared, intimate experience that only they can conceive of and conduct. This doesn’t mean that home funeral families never need or want funeral directors to be involved.

In some instances, it may be impractical to try to tend to all the details without assistance. Weather, family locations and travel plans, weekend paperwork filing, autopsy, organ donation, or any number of other factors can contribute to the decision to hire professional help.

Families are looking for choice in what goods and services fit their particular circumstances and needs. Print page as pdf

Here’s how funeral directors can help:

  1. Provide information
  2. Aid in completing the death certificate
  3. Aid in procuring the transport/burial permit
  4. Provide body removal to the home from a hospital or care facility
  5. Assist with body preparation if desired
  6. Locate a cemetery or crematory
  7. Organize vault delivery to cemetery if required
  8. File death notices
  9. Rent the prep room for body care with supervision
  10. Deliver a casket, alternate container, shroud or other item to the home
  11. Transport the body to gatherings or church, final disposition
  12. Provide a checklist and assistance for military services

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