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Thank you for all our special sponsors, who keep our conferences vibrant. We love your support!

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A Sacred Moment

A Sacred MomentA Sacred Moment, under the direction of licensed funeral director and first NHFA president Char Barrett, is proud to sponsor the premiere starting forum at this year’s NHFA biennial conference, The Unbroken Circle. Barrett is celebrating her 10th anniversary of providing compassionate help to families and communities looking to experience authentic, meaningful new ways to say goodbye. ASM is the only funeral service in the Northwest with years of experience providing home funerals and green burials. This forum speaks to a particular service need provided by Char and her staff, that of meeting the varied religious and spiritual needs of the notably diverse population of the Seattle WA area. It is thanks to many of these traditions’ preservation of home vigils that has enabled Char to reintroduce home funerals and support all families seeking them. – Char Barrett; Everett, WA

Friday Night Opener – The Unbroken Circle ($1,000)

Funeral Consumers Alliance

Funeral Consumer AllianceFuneral Consumers Alliance is the only national consumer organization that monitors the funeral industry, keeping a close eye on industry trends and advocating for fair practices on the behalf of consumers. Our network of volunteers not only work directly with consumers, but also alongside those fighting for legal and regulatory reform on the local, state, and national levels. If you don’t see an FCA affiliate in your state, don’t worry. We have plenty of resources to get you started on learning your rights as a consumer. – National FCA Chapters

Saturday Advocacy Session 1 – Everybody Can Be an Advocate: Here’s How ($500)

Threshold Support Circle

Threshold Support Circle provides a forum and resources to explore end-of-life issues and after-death care.  We believe that life can be lived more fully when we befriend and come to terms with the reality of death as part of the natural cycle of life. We offer opportunities to discuss options, ask questions, learn new skills, and share stories of personal experience. – Lee Hoyt, Susan Wallendorf, Sharon Moore, Kim Adams; Lutherville, Maryland


Quality of Life Care

QLCQuality of Life Care offers training for the end of life practitioner, caregiver, and non-medical professional who wants a comprehensive, practically-based, holistically-centered model of care for their practice. Our Program encompasses all the components that nourishes a person and equips them to accompany the dying and their families. Our Certificate honors and represents your dedication, commitment, and calling to serving and empowering others at the end of life. – Deanna Cochran; Austin, TX

Saturday Advocacy Session 2 – Building Bridges: Advocating to Hospices and Hospitals ($500)

To sponsor this event, contact leewebster17@gmail.com. First come, first served, so name your preference early! Please make a note of the reason for your payments in the comment section if you donate directly on the NHFA website. Thank you!

With Ruth Ann Arty, Executive Director of Maryland Board of Mortuary; Bruce Goldfarb, Communications Director, Maryland Medical Examiner’s Office; Char Barrett, Licensed Funeral Director and Funeral Home Owner, First President of the NHFA, Home Funeral and Green Burial Consultant and Certified Celebrant; facilitated by Nina Thompson.

Saturday Advocacy Session 3 – Everybody Wins: Working with Authorities ($500)

Natural Burial Company

The Natural Burial Company sells biodegradaNatural Burial Companyble coffins, caskets, urns and natural funeral goods throughout the US and into Canada. Our crafters come from around the world, where the technique of making handwoven coffins has not yet been lost, and where direct-earth burials without vaults are still common. Your requests for and purchase of these products helps keep these handarts arts alive, and challenges the funeral profession to shift to more sustainable funeral and cemetery practices – before you need them! – Cynthia Beal; Eugene, Oregon

Saturday Afternoon at the Movies – In the Parlor ($250)

The Urban Death Project

Urban Death ProjectThe Urban Death Project is researching a new system of death care – called Recomposition – that connects humans to the natural cycles and solves for the current toxic, unjust funeral industry. Our mission is to create a meaningful, equitable, and ecological alternative for the care of the deceased. – – Katrina Spade; Seattle, WA


Life Posts

Life PostsLifePosts’ mission is to ensure that every person’s life story can be beautifully told, vividly celebrated, and preserved. LifePosts’ easy-to-use storytelling tools enable you to create beautiful online memorials or obituaries, tribute biographies, birthday celebrations, and digital keepsakes for all of life’s important milestones. – Steve Waldman; Brooklyn, NY

Saturday Night at the Movies – Zen and the Art of Dying ($250)



Bellacouche – meaning “beautiful resting place” – is the old name for the ancient granite building where the Leafcocoon wool felt coffins were first designed. Now Bellacouche Wool Felt Studio is set in a beautiful and airy Unitarian chapel. Using wool as raw material, the aim is to be a part of a movement that has a more celebratory approach to funerals as in other cultures, and encourages an imaginative use of rituals old and new. The pieces are all hand-made, motifs are either sewn or needle felted in. Dyes are always natural. Yuli is a weaver by background and training, but switched to felt making in the late 1980s, making commissioned one-off pieces.  For the last 15 years, she has worked in the funeral world making shrouds for burial and taking reference from an ancient law that decreed that the dead must be buried in wool.  Wool is a gentle and sustainable choice for an environmentally benign funeral.  She lives and works where sheep have co-existed with humans for thousands of years, and remains convinced that this co-existence has a long while to run.

– Yuli Sømme, M.A.; Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor, Devon, UK

Sunday Skills Sessions – Home Funeral 101—Body Care Basics ($100)

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute

Celebrant Foundation & InstituteFounded in 2001, the Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I) is an educational nonprofit that educates and certifies personalized ceremony professionals called Life-Cycle Celebrants®. CF&I’s college-level, Life-Cycle Celebrant® certification program is taught live, on-line via an interactive format by seasoned Celebrant faculty members. The coursework is offered in several languages and Celebrants hail from countries throughout the world. Life-Cycle Celebrants® are masterfully trained in the art of ritual and ceremony. They are skilled ceremony officiants who perform and co-create customized ceremonies for weddings, funerals and other life events that reflect the needs, beliefs and values of the people they are honoring. As professionals, Life-Cycle Celebrants® abide by a code of ethics, a nondiscrimination policy, and many become Celebrant Alumni Association Members committed to continually improving their knowledge and skill. – Montclair, NJ

Sunday Skills Sessions – Creating Ceremonies for Home Vigils, Funerals, & Memorials ($100)

Mourning Dove Studios

Mourning Dove StudioMourning Dove Studios sells  wholesale biodegradable, ecologically-sound funeral merchandise suitable for natural burials or cremation. – Ruth Faas & Carol Motley; Arlington, MA & Asheville, NC

Sunday Skills Sessions – The Power of Home Funeral Storytelling ($100)

Lifespan Doulas Association

Lifespan DoulasLifespan Doula Association was founded in 2016 to offer professional End-of-Life Doula Training and Certification, as well as continuing education programs, resources and mentoring for doulas. In addition, we provide resources for individuals and families seeking guidance for end-of-life issues and access to end-of-life doulas. – Merilynne Rush & Patty Brennan; Ann Arbor, MI

Sunday Skills Sessions – How to Start a Threshold Care Group ($100)

BEyond Yonder Virtual School for Community Deathcaring in Canada

Virtual School Community Deathcaring

The BEyond Yonder School for Deathcaring arose from a desire to empower Canadians to take a participatory role in caring for the dying, dead and bereaved.  Since our culture has become so alienated from death, we don’t learn such skills in most North American families any longer, hence the need for “death midwifery” training at this time as we envision a culture where deathcaring is reclaimed. We recognize that wisdom resides in the heart of the learner, and have designed a program that brings up to 13 students into an intimate shared educational experience together.  Students find themselves forging surprisingly deep connections considering that the program is virtual!  There are many ways to connect via online forums, buddy chats, weekly live sessions and participating in the burgeoning community deathcare social movement, yet most of the daily coursework may be completed on one’s own schedule in their PJs.  Being an online program also offers the benefit of engagement with 10 fantastic leaders in the field from across the country, adding value to our core 12 week program. We focus on the value of reflective practice and learn to lead with our vulnerabilities in service of advance planning, being present to dying, witnessing death, guiding post death care, leading ceremony and honouring grief. Our certificate recipients have been serving their communities in a wide variety of ways as volunteers and those who offer service to the public for pay as well.  There are so many ways to participate in the community deathcare movement and we are all needed to bring death back home where it belongs. – Cassandra Yonder; Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Sunday Skills Sessions – Home Funerals for Pets


Threshold Support Circle

Threshold Support CircleThreshold Support Circle provides a forum and resources to explore end-of-life issues and after-death care.  We believe that life can be lived more fully when we befriend and come to terms with the reality of death as part of the natural cycle of life. We offer opportunities to discuss options, ask questions, learn new skills, and share stories of personal experience. – Lee Hoyt, Susan Wallendorf, Sharon Moore, Kim Adams; Lutherville, Maryland

Sunday Skills Sessions – Taking Care of Yourself While Helping Others ($100)


DoulagiversInternational Doulagivers Institute is committed to providing the highest level of education and certification for the End of Life Doula/ Death Doula/ Death Midwife profession. Our Doulagiver training is modeled after the birth doula model that has been enormously successful since its birth approximately fifty years ago. Helping someone to enter this world is very similar to helping someone leave this world. Both require education, training and compassion. Death Doulas, End of Life Doulas, and Death Midwives are now applying the same holistic model to the bedside of those in need of end-of-life-care. Doulagivers is an internationally recognized leader in end of life trainings and care. –  Suzanne O’Brien; New York, NY

Altar Art Project ($150)

Final Passages

Final Passages

Final Passages is a non-profit organization, founded in 1995, offering education for personal and legal rights concerning home or family-directed funerals and final disposition (burial and cremation). It is our intention to re-introduce the concept of funerals in the home as a part of family life and as a way to de-institutionalize death. We are dedicated to a dignified and compassionate alternative to current funeral practices. – Jerrigrace Lyons; Sebastopol, CA

When I Die…Art Project ($150)