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  • Listen | In this compelling interview, Lee Webster, NHFA President, shares how NHFA supports families with Dr. Karen Wyatt, End of Life University, 8-13-15
  • Listen | Hear Lee Webster, NHFA President, speak with Deanna Cochran of The Journey Radio, about how ‘Home Funerals are Here to Stay,’ 7-22-15
  • Listen | Listen to Sara Williams talk about home funerals and green burials with Olin Campbell on ‘The Meeting Place’ on WBAG 1150, a local station in North Carolina, 6-26-15


  • Inside a Home Funeral: a personal account of a Home Funeral by by Melissa Roberts Weidman,, 11-10-15 | Read
  • What’s a Death Midwife? featuring Char Barrett, by Jennifer Luxton, Yes Magazine, 7-7-15 | Read
  • How Can You Care for a Loved One Immediately after Death? An Interview with Susan Oppie, Seven Ponds, 6-25-15 | Part 1, Part 2
  • Who Owns the Dead? by Libby Copeland, The New Republic, 6-24-15 | Read
  • The Sacred Task of Caring for the Dead Should be a Normal Part of Life, by Caitlin Doughty in The Guardian, 4-13-15 | Read
  • Soul Midwives Tasked With Creating a Good Death, by Tara Russell, The Daily Echo, UK, 3-10-15 | Read
  • Home Funerals Another Way to Say Goodbye, The Salina Journal, Salina, KA, 3-15-15 | Read
  • Death Midwife Eases Passage to the Great Beyond, The Chronicle Herald, Novascotia, Canada, 10-29-14 featuring Cassandra Younder | Read
  • Now for a New Undertaking…Welcome to the Ideal Death Show, by Tim Willis, Newsweek Magazine 9-13-14 featuring Claire Turnham | Read
  • Notes From a Home Funeral, by Rebecca Novick, Huffington Post 6-30-14 | Read
  • A Different Way to Deal With Death, by Val Fortney, Calgary Herald, with Sarah Kerr 6-18-14 | Read
  • That Precious Time: Present with the Dead Body, Order of the Good Death, by Cassandra Yonder 5-4-14 | Read
  • Corporatization of funeral industry drives quest for alternatives, by Mary O’Connell CBC 5-7-14 | Read
  • Time with My Mother that Helped me Learn How To grieve, by Sophie Pierce, The Telegraph UK 5-5-14 | Read
  • Death Doulas: helping people face up to dying, by Eleanor Tucker, The Guardian 5-4-14 | Read
  • What is a Funeral Celebrant? I’m Sorry to Hear 4-15-14 | Read
  • There’s More to Death Than Funeral Homes by Stacey Escott, 4-14-14 with Rochelle Martin | Read
  • The Rise of Back-to-Basics Funerals, by Susan Chumsky, The New York Times 3-12-14 featuring Amy Cunningham | Read
  • A Passage to India – Life, Death and the Healing Power of Ritual, by Matt Perry, The California Health Report 1-6-14 | Read
  • Midwives for the Dying, The Atlantic, 12-16-13 | Read
  • The Greenest Things to Do With Your Body After You Die, The Atlantic article from 12-13-13 featuring Amy Cunningham | Read
  • For Some, At-Home Funerals Offer Last Chance For Connection, by Anne Mostue WGBH from 12-4-13 featuring Peg Lorenz | Read
  • Inside a Home Funeral, The Daily Beast, 2-5-13 | Read
  • Home Funerals Grow As Americans Skip The Mortician For Do-It-Yourself After-Death Care, Huffington Post, 2-21-13 | Read
  • For In-Home Funerals, a 21st Century Revival, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 11-30-11 | Read
  • Think Outside the Box, US Catholic Magazine, 11-11 | Read
  • Home Burials Offer an Intimate Alternative, New York Times, 7-21-09 | Read
  • The Surprising Satisfactions of a Home Funeral by Max Alexander, Smithsonian Magazine 3-09 | Read
  • Home Funerals Restore Intimacy to Grieving Rituals by Adriana Barton, The Globe and Mail, Canada, 5-26-10 | Read
  • The High Cost of Dying, AARP Bulletin, 9-09 | Read
  • Death Midwife Also Assists at the End of Life by Dawn Turner Trice, Chicago Tribune, 11-21-11 | Read
  • Standard Funeral Not Sole Option by Levi Pulkkinin, Seattle Times, 3-07 | Read
  • More Families are Bringing Funerals Home by Joy Jernigan, | Read
  • Death Becomes Her, by Nancy Keats, Wall Street Journal Magazine | Read
  • The Funeral: Your Last Chance to be a Big Spender by Gabriella Glaser, New York Times, 4-19-09 | Read
  • Rev. Olivia Rose Bareham | Death Midwife,  The MOON Magazine | Read



  • The NHFA maintains a book list of suggested reading in a variety of death-related topics as listed below. The NHFA Book List is extensive and divided into the 15 easy-to-navigate categories you see below. The Education Committee welcomes suggestions and additions.
    1. Being Present With the Dying
    2. Celebrations and Rituals
    3. Children: Explaining Death to Kids
    4. Commentary
    5. Conscious Dying
    6. Creative Endings
    7. Exploring Death
    8. Home Funerals
    9. Home Funerals: How-to Guidebooks
    10. Legalities
    11. Music
    12. Natural Burial
    13. Planning & Advance Directives
    14. Seminal Works
    15. The Dying Process
  • Booklist especially for children: NHFA Children Booklist 2015