Home Funeral info for the press and community presentations

Sharing with the press and your community

We encourage and support our members to help educate their communities about home funerals. We’ve developed resources for talking with the press and for giving presentations.

Press kit information

Your Press Kit includes everything you need to know about writing press releases, designing posters, making contacts, preparing written materials, tracking your contact progress, and much more. Making a presentation is only half the job-making sure you fill the seats is partly your responsibility, too. With this guide, you’ll be able to contribute to your own promotion with ease and competence, and your hosts will appreciate your professionalism and commitment. If you have questions orr need more information, contact us at nhfa.paper@gmail.com

Give a Home Funeral Presentation

We are pleased to be able to offer the following tools to help you fulfill our mission to educate and empower families to care for their own after death. We’ve created a PowerPoint presentation that you are welcome to customize.

Supplemental Slides cover additional topics such as law, ecology, costs, and faith communities. These may be selected for use if you are planning to expand your interest areas or address specific group concerns. For the legal slide, you will need to fill in the particulars for your state or province. Feel free to design your own slides, too!

Photo Gallery contains photos we have available so far, and will be added to as members like you send us their own photos. Each needs a title and credit line. Some people use photos only when doing presentations. You are welcome to switch out photos from the gallery into the presentation itself. You may also intersperse photo slides with written slides, an effective way of introducing a bit of introspective quiet into the talk. It’s all up to you!

Commentary Sample commentary has been added to both slide options at the bottom, visible only to you. This is where you can keep notes, statistics, ideas, anything that may be helpful to you in the moment that you do not need or want included on the screen. This is a wonderful tool for you, and having all your facts and figures accessible is a real confidence builder. If there is anything on the slide you wish removed, simply highlight it, cut it, and paste it in your notes just in case you may need it later.

How to Edit Your PowerPoint Presentation will get you started making the basic presentation your own. Everything from editing text to adding video clips is included, and if you need more, just ask.