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Our mission is to educate. You’ll find loads of free material on our website and in our newsletters. And now we’re proud to offer these invaluable books as a way to help home funeral guides and families have everything they need in one place. All proceeds from these sales help keep NHFA going, so thank you for your support!

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Planning-Guide_book-coverPlanning Guide and Workbook for Home Funeral Families

Taking care of after-death details can be an overwhelming experience for families in grief. Use the checklist and suggestions to help make all the decisions needed in a home funeral for a family. This home funeral-specific, all-in-one planning guide and workbook ensures that your family will have all the information needed to follow through with your final wishes for a home funeral or vigil. Task lists give everyone something to do and direction on how to do it. Leave a meaningful legacy of trust by writing it all down; and then have the conversation with friends and loved ones. Buy on Amazon today for $14.95

Essentials for practicing Home Funeral GuidesEssentials for Practicing Home Funeral Guides

Essentials for Practicing Home Funeral Guides is a resource guide for people who are offering Home Funeral Guide services. It contains documents for use by both the family and the Home Funeral Guide which help to define and clarify the tasks that will be carried out by the home funeral guide, as well as tasks for the family. Within its 68-pages are forms you can copy and use, as well as general information. It is a manual, template, and best practices all-in-one collection that every home funeral guide needs to organize necessary paperwork in order to ensure consistent, quality service to families caring for their own after death. Buy on Amazon today for $25

UWL_230x300pxUndertaken With Love: A Home Funeral Guide for Families and Community Care Groups

In most of the US, a family may care for its own dead until burial or cremation without involving licensed funeral professionals. It requires a willingness to be something of a pioneer in today’s hands-off society, but those who have chosen to reclaim this historical tradition confirm that the process is enormously healing and meaningful. While a motivated family can acquire the legal knowledge and practical skills to arrange a home or family-directed funeral, the process is eased considerably when a group assists. Undertaken With Love was created to help families and community care groups learn ways to continue caring for their loved ones all the way to the cemetery or crematory. This manual will teach you how to research state laws and identify your legal rights and responsibilities; how to handle, bathe and transport the body; and how to create and sustain an effective community care group. Buy on Amazon today for $12.95

Building Bridges along the Death Care ContinuumBuilding Bridges Along the Death Care Continuum: Advocating for home funerals to hospices, hospitals, and care facilities

This blueprint for change in your local agencies and institutions is based on expanded research we’ve added to our materials on hospice advocacy. It includes an in-service presentation developed for you to take to hospitals to help educate personnel, plus handouts/flyers to send or leave with professionals. This book is a collection of inside information, samples and examples of institutional policies, and tools for assisting home funeral advocates in building relationships with local hospices, hospitals, and care facilities that result in policies and procedures that serve home funeral families while protecting professionals. This is how you pave the way for home funerals. Buy on Amazon today for $12.95

RestoringFamiliesRights_cover-thumbnailRestoring Families’ Rights to Choose, New Edition – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

The NHFA is pleased to announce that we will be giving away free copies of Restoring Families’ Rights to Choose, New Edition. These hard copies are perfect for approaching policymakers, giving to local libraries, hospices, hospitals, legal offices and more, or giving away as handouts at presentations or tabling events.

Order as many copies as you like, and we’ll give you a FREE copy for each book of Restoring Families’ Rights to Choose, New Edition, you order. No limit!

It packs a  lot of tools to help you educate and work with policymakers considering funeral law changes that could impact families. Learn about pertinent funeral laws and the issues around them. Anyone who has considered the benefits of home funerals has probably also been concerned about the laws governing after-death processes and procedures. Restoring Families’ Right to Choose: the call for funeral legislation change in America was written to educate the public and their policymakers at all levels of government about the issues that inform current laws and policies affecting home funeral families. And it lays out a vision in clear language for legislative funeral reform in America that empowers families while addressing the needs of government. Plus learn how to navigate and overcome noncompliant institutional policies. Knowing that all Americans have the right to care for their own in their homes after death is the first step. But what happens when following the legal process still leads to roadblocks in institutions and businesses that have policies that are not in sync with the law? What to Do When Home Funeral Rights Are Challenged contains a concise list of potential obstacles and how to anticipate and resolve issues quickly. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE TODAY!

Changing Landscapes: Exploring the growth of ethical, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable green funeral practices

NHFA president Lee Webster has compiled a collection of current leaders’ exploration of death.  These writers provide a different glimpse into the world of funeral service than the standard mortuary fare. Many of them have devoted their lives to envisioning a more just, eco-responsible, and honorable way to care for our dead, while others are acting as the canaries in the coal mine, adopting green practices early and parenting them as they develop. All the thought leaders in this collection have one central theme in common: finding ways to honor our commitment to ethical and compassionate funeral practices that nourish the relationships between families and providers, the profession and the public, and human beings and the Earth. Buy on Amazon today for $15.95