Saturday, October 19, 2013 5:00 – 6:15 pm


Welcome offered and meeting called to order by Beth Knox at 5:15pm. Approximately 50 members present.

Beth also shared Nancy Poer sent 85 DVDs of her keynote presentation meant for delivery on Friday 10/18/13 in lieu of being physically present. Although intended to reach conference for attendees to receive, package was sent to Beth’s house. Beth will accept postage money and addresses from anyone interested in receiving one of Nancy’s DVDs.

  1. Beth moved to accept NHFA 2012 Annual Meeting minutes; motion passed unanimously.

  2. Lee moved to accept 2013 YTD committee reports; motion passed unanimously.

  3. Committee chairs addressed the membership :
    a. Merilynne as Secretary/Membership Coordinator apprised everyone of the new process for lifetime membership with donations made separate from member process. Motion made for approval and accepted by all. // Suggestions from members: send email reminders to donate every six months; offer sustaining member option (set up for monthly donations to help anticipate cash flow); members need to set their own preference for disclosing amounts.
    b. Anne made plea for fundraising and either volunteering, contributing and/or sharing the mission. Beth added please talk to Lee or herself if have ideas an d don’t wish to serve on a committee.
    c. Peg made plea for legislative committee membership because we are in constant danger of losing families’ rights; she also introduced the other committee members and spoke about the pilot project with buddies for bill tracking across the continent.
    d. Susan spoke for Education/Resources and the merger of committees, giving nod to work of Resources group plus offered survey to members about their needs.
    e. Lee spoke for PR /Outreach and highlighted the work of last year including speaker’s bureau and e-newsletter sent to membership; let everyone know Charlene Elderkin updates the Facebook page so send her links/info and share; made a plea for ‘readers’ to review PR materials and documents

  4. Approval of New Officers: Zalene Corey, Sarah Crews, Susan Oppie and Kristine Bentz motion made by Beth and passed unanimously.

  5. Acknowledging Outgoing Officers: Anne O’Connor, Merilynne Rush, Olivia Bareham and Heather Massey. Thunderous Applause! Plus Beth announced Heather is willing to continue facilitating the monthly resource calls. More applause.

  6. Old Business: Lee offered points of what board heard in 2012 and follow-up: list of attendees for conference; membership directory; Google map of members – not possible in entirety due to member preferences for info disclosure / instead go to naturalend.com for the Natural End Map; member logo created! please use it; body release language for hospital/facility administrative policies is on member resource page, use it!

  7. New Business: Beth and Lee opened the floor to requests and ideas from the membership.
    a. Is Olivia willing to share a ‘template’ or structure for organizing the week long end-of-life fair she organized in LA this year?
    b. Revisiting language question in light of Char’s talk: everybody BLOG about it for discussion on NHFA website!
    c. Start a Wikipedia page for Home Funerals as topic.
    d. Legislative committee project: talk to people/guides working in eight states requiring a Funeral Director and find out: how do they do the work?
    e. Conside r webinars hosted by NHFA and regional groups or conferences.
    f. Consider reaching out beyond boomers – who are others the mission may reach?
    g. Newsletter is appreciated.

Closing Song offered by Peg, Zalene and Sarah then all membership present sang in rounds: “If Not LOVE, What Are We Here For?”

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 PM.

NHFA Profit & Loss   
September 15, 2012 - September 14, 2013 

   Donations 5,917.00
   Events 0.00
      2012 Retreat 4,184.50
      2013 Conference 13,235.00
   Total Events $ 17,419.50
Total Income $ 23,336.50
Gross Profit $ 23,336.50
   Advertising 336.19
   Event expense
      2012 Conference 10,640.25
      2013 Conference 1,960.00
         Advertising 130.00
      Total Conference $ 12,730.25
   Total Event exps $ 12,730.25
   Legal & Professional Fees 1,244.80
   Newsletter 128.67
   Office Exps 20.00
      Misc Digital 50.00
      Postal 273.18
      Printing 329.58
      QuickBooks 155.54
      Web Site 792.15
      Wild Apricot 150.00
   Total Office Exps $   1,770.45
   Taxes & Licenses 850.00
  PayPal Transaction Fees
         Conference 531.01
         Donations 188.09
      Total PayPal $      719.10
   Total Transaction Fees $      719.10
Total Expenses $ 17,779.46
Net Operating Income $   5,557.04

Old Business Report click here to view

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