Our Point of View

We at the NHFA are passionate about helping keep home funerals available for anyone who wants this approach to caring for their loved ones.

We have spent considerable time gathering resources and writing documents to support individuals as they help make home funerals possible in their areas. Here are some of the highlights of our work.

Our position

Restoring-Families_Rights-to-Choose Legal obstacles for families who choose to care for their own, written jointly by NHFA and the Funeral Consumer Alliance. Here is a quick summary.

NHFA Code of Ethics, Conduct and Practice
Recommendations of best practices for home funeral guides, which also informs families about what to expect when including a home funeral guide in their post-death experience
NHFA Position on Licensure and Certification The NHFA does not certify home funeral guides. Read about the differences between licensure, certification, and programs that offer certificates of completion, and what they mean for home funeral guides and those they serve.
Clearly Defined initiation What’s a Death Midwife? A Transition Guide? NHFA surveyed and researched all the terms in current use and wrote a paper to help clearly define who’s who and does what (and doesn’t).

Undertaken With Love: A Home Funeral Guide for Families and Community Care Groups

Undertaken with Love Find out the what, the why, and the how’s of having a home directed funeral in this book written by NHFA.

Watch the laws in your state

How to track Legislation in your state We have an involved membership who keeps an eye out for changing legislation in their states. Find out how you can track what’s coming up in your state here.

Informing others 

When it comes to presenting information in your community, you don’t have to recreate the wheel. Many talented and thorough home funeral guides and death and dying guides have been there – and brought their experience and talent back for the rest of us to use.

What to say to professionals Read these talking points for funeral directors, hospice, trustees, hospitals, the press and more.
What to say to medical examiners This is an excellent presentation for Coroners and Medical Examiners by Charlene Elderkin of the Threshold Care Circle.
What to do when rights are challenged Read these tips and suggestions to help hospitals and care homes release a body to family.
NHFA Informational Sheet Print and share this informational sheet about the NHFA. Take it to meetings, hand out to organizations, or even send via email to your friends and associates. Just print it two-sided in black and white – and please make no changes.
Press kit for our members NHFA president Lee Webster has compiled a useful list of how members can work with their local media and communities, including promoting, press releases, building contacts, written materials and more.
NHFA Brochure You are welcome to print and distribute this brochure (updated 5/14), without making any changes.

Book Lists

Children’s booklist This is a treasure of a list. It includes books for children about the death of a friend, parent, suicide, trauma, using animals and nature to help talk about death, and more.
Booklist Read the short (and pretty long) list of what NHFA recommends as excellent books on death, dying, ceremony, all things death, and more.