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By honoring your loved ones on this page, we have received over $1500 in donations to the NFHA.

  In honor of my late husband, NICHOLAS ADAMS, who helped me learn why tending to our own after death is a pathway to healing.
Kateyanne Unullisi, $300 donation (10-14-14)

In honor of MARK WILSON, his calm strength and the deep love he held for his family, my cousins, who took such tender care of him throughout his dying process and after his death.
- Sarah Crews $200 donation (10-12-14)

In honor of ROGER BENSON. It was a privilege to help the family bring him home.
- Trish Garrigan, $50 donation
In honor of my mother, BETTY LORENZ, a vital, inspiring feminist, a force of nature, a reluctant wife and mother who gave me the tools to follow my dreams.
- Peg Lorenz, $500 donation

In honor of my father, ROBERT N. WEBSTER, who taught me the value of doing good work, I make this donation to further the mission of the NHFA.
- Lee Webster, $500 donation

In honor of BEATRICE McCARSON, my much loved Aunt Bea, who did not have a home funeral, but I wish she had. She showed me how to love.
- Donna Belk (10-7-14)

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