How Can We Know When We’ve Arrived?

In 2005 when I first started searching for articles about home funerals, I saw maybe one every six months.

Today I see something published or posted nearly every week.

In the US and elsewhere, mainstream news, book publishers, and filmmakers are eager to deliver stories about family-directed funerals, green burials, death cafes, and other death positive events. And the public is not just ready to hear it but they are hungry for more.

We in the home funeral movement have been striving to gain recognition and respect for our place in bringing funerals back home for more than a decade. Our vision is for a day when everyone will know that they have the right, privilege, and capacity for caring for their own after death.

The press coverage is a pretty reliable indicator that home funerals have entered mainstream lexicon and that home funerals are a vital part of the explosive death positive energy reverberating worldwide. And the NHFA had no small part in getting it there.

We are at last confident that we have the legal right to care for our own dead, we have developed the tools and the know-how to share freely, and we have cultivated a vibrant and open community to support one another in this vocation.

Now we need to up our professional game by understanding points of view held by those in positions of authority who have the power to help us help others. We need to surface the inherent wisdom that we collectively share. We need to solidify and nourish relationships with others in this work, face to face and heart to heart.

Conferences are where we fortify and educate ourselves so that we can continue in our quest to change the national conversation around after death care. If you do nothing else this year to press forward in home funeral work, make it be this.

Are we there yet? Come find out.