Veterans Challenge

The NHFA 50 state member challenge

We challenge our members across the country to give at least one presentation in each state to a veteran’s group, come back to this page, and log their experience. We want veterans in every state to know they can have a home funeral – veteran style.

Find out WHY home funerals for veterans matters.

You can do it! We’ve made it easy for you to honor and support veterans in your community. We’ve created a presentation kit for you (details below).

The result:

Veterans – who we know are those amazing, can-do, stick-together warriors – will become more knowledgeable in how they and their families/friends can take charge of their own end-of-life decisions. Save money. Come together with honor. Heal and say goodbye.

The prize:

Love, pride and a message well-spread all over the country.

The presentation resources:

We’ve created all the elements you need to find a venue to give your Home Funerals for Veterans presentation, what you will present, resources to take with you, and more.

  1. Visit Resources for Veterans presentation to get everything you need to plan and execute your presentation.
  2. Come back here and let us know that YOUR state has been covered. (Note: lots of presentations in the same state are not only encouraged, but celebrated!)

Keep this program going:

Make a donation in ‘honor of a special Veteran.’ Through donations we’ve raised over $1,500 to help veterans and their families know they have the option to choose a home funeral.

Honor guard in a forest covering a coffin with a flag
A loved one with her hand over her heart looks on during the flag ceremony of this military burial in a natural burial park