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Three round candles litPlease consider a donation in tribute to the memory of your loved one. If he or she is a Veteran, know that we are especially proud to keep the memory alive on our website.

Your donation helps NHFA continue the mission of educating and informing people in their right to care for their loved ones after death. Your donation in memory of a veteran helps us continue reaching out to communities across the country to teach and support the benefits of a home funeral.

Please donate here, and leave your tribute information in the ‘Comment’ section. Your tribute will be listed below and will stay active for one year.

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Sara Williams  Tribute to Sara Williams The family of Katherine Oberlin wish to honor Sara Williams for her dedicated loving support and guidance before, during, and after the beautiful home funeral for our beloved Kate. She became a friend of Kate and all of us during the many months leading up to death.Her tireless energy and unwavering enthusiasm was a precious source of strength for us all. Thanks Sara! (9-22-17) Deloy Oberlin
Leslie Bachant Tribute to Leslie Bachant (11-15-16) Kate Lutz
Sandy Booth Tribute to Sandy Booth, a tireless home funeral advocate (11-14-16) Nancy G. Walker
Home Funeral advocates In admiration for all the wonderful professionals who hold this sacred space! (11-14-16) Barbara Trites
Peg Lorenz In honor of Peg Lorenz on her 65th birthday (11-7-16) Jane Weiss
Dad To my Dad, my first home funeral. And his sense of humor about planning it. (11-5-16) Jim Bates
Mother In tribute to my late mother (11-5-16) Kathleen Miller
Jack Carpenter, Margaret Rose Buffa Sprouse In memory of my father, Jack Carpenter, and childhood girlfriend Margaret Rose Buffa Sprouse,
who continue to be my teachers (11-4-16)
Char Barrett
Chico With help from the Alliance for Support and Education in Dying and Death, Chico (11-4-16) Rebecca Senoglu
Kenneth Fraser Tacey and Virginia Henshaw Tacey In honor of my parents (11-2-16) April Tacey-Dickinson
Don Kinion My dad, who died this year (11-1-2016) Deah Kinion
Kateyanne Unullisi In tribute to my wonderful friend (11-1-2016) Emmi Schatz
Khil Skovronek In memory of Khil Skovronek (11-1-2016) Terry Skovronek
Sarah Crews In honor of Sarah Crews for her support of this mission (11-1-16) Joan Jackson
Anne Murphy A tribute to Anne Murphy (10-28-16) Christine Hammes
Alicia In memory of Alicia (10-28-16) Amanda Nelson
Rusty Osborne In tribute to Rusty Osborne, for whom I did my first home funeral on June 8, 2016 (10-25-16) Patricia Eagle
Lee Webster In honor of the NHFA President (10-20-16) Merilynne Rush
Grandmothers  My 7 grandmothers (10-12-16) Danna Schmidt
Ancestors and Burton For all of our ancestors and my little love Burton (10-12-16) Alicia Toney
Grace Hughes In honor of Grace Hughes (10-6-16) Kate Johnson
Elizabeth Knox Nancy Riker
Wayne and Zalene Corey In memory of Wayne Corey and in honor of his sister, Zalene Corey (5-20-16) Merle Myerson
My Mother, Doris Lucille Kendrick This donation is in tribute to my mother, Doris Lucille Kendrick, who passed away November 19, 2015. She is dearly missed, but we are comforted that we could return her to the mountains she loved and bury her in a natural way that will enrich the land and our memories forever. We plan a purple-flowering garden over her gravesite. It was her favorite color. We also feel deep gratitude to Sara Williams who helped us start and see this journey through. Our love and respect to you all for the work that you do. (1-8-16) Deborah Hart-Serafini
My Mother, Kaye In honor of my loving mother, Kaye, whose death prepared me to find my life’s work. (1-15-16) Elizabeth Beckman
NHFA Members Honoring our NHFA Members (12-1-15) Zalene Corey
Jenny Bingham With gratitude and appreciation to Jenny Bingham (6-3-15) Lauren Hunt
Sara Williams With gratitude and love to Sara Williams (6-3-15) Lauren Hunt
Sara Williams In honor of Sara Williams, for all you do. Denni H. Peebles
Ed Weber and John Jungerman In honor of my husband Ed Weber and father John Jungerman, whose transitions each brought me a deeper appreciation of life, respect for death and draw towards helping others to ease and heal the wounds of loss. Anne Jungerman
Zalene A. & Howard S. Corey In memory of my parents, Zalene A. and Howard S. Corey, whose two very different deaths and post-death care were leading events for me to keep the flame burning for others. (12-29-14) Zalene Corey, Gentle Passages
Glenna Mae Chaney In honor of my Mother, Glenna Mae Chaney. At her funeral a close neighbor stood up and said she admired her, and that she was unassuming. Also a close childhood friend of mine has told me that my Mom stood up for her when, as a young girl she was falsely accused of stealing. It was a traumatic experience for my friend, and she will never forget my Mom’s wise knowing. How blessed I am to have had a wise and loving Mother. (12-16-14) Anna Bolyard
Nicholas Adams In honor of my late husband, NICHOLAS ADAMS, who helped me learn why tending to our own after death is a pathway to healing. (10-14-14) Kateyanne Unullisi
Mark Wilson In honor of MARK WILSON, his calm strength and the deep love he held for his family, my cousins, who took such tender care of him throughout his dying process and after his death. (10-12-14) Sarah Crews
Roger Benson In honor of ROGER BENSON. It was a privilege to help the family bring him home. Trish Garrigan
Betty Lorenz In honor of my mother, BETTY LORENZ, a vital, inspiring feminist, a force of nature, a reluctant wife and mother who gave me the tools to follow my dreams. Peg Lorenz
Robert N. Webster In honor of my father, ROBERT N. WEBSTER, who taught me the value of doing good work, I make this donation to further the mission of the NHFA. Lee Webster
Beatrice McCarson In honor of BEATRICE McCARSON, my much loved Aunt Bea, who did not have a home funeral, but I wish she had. She made me feel loved. (10-7-14) Donna Belk, Beyond Hospice