Find a Home-friendly Funeral Director

Directory of Home-friendly Funeral Directors

Listed by state, find a licensed funeral director who works with families and friends in caring for their own dead. This can entail a wide range of support: from pointing the family and friends to information, guiding the family through body care, to providing both goods and services specific to home funerals such as a set price for handling the paperwork for families, or providing transportation.


Craig_WhisenantCraig Whisenant | Huntsville
Hazel Green Funeral Home
256-828-0035 |
I am a licensed funeral director in both Alabama and Tennessee and a licensed embalmer in Alabama.  I served as Coroner of Huntsville/Madison County from 2011-2015.  As a service to our community, I provide education and consultation services at no charge to those considering home funeral options.  I fully support and encourage the family’s right to be as involved as they wish to be in providing death care and gladly give compassionate assistance as needed.
mike_matosMike Matos | Vilonia
Vilonia Funeral Home
501-796-2275 |
I am an Arkansas Licensed Funeral Director. I understand the need for families seeking home funerals in Arkansas. I also understand how to be available in the process and save you money at the same time. I am available to file death certificates, file transit permits that is needed if you are transporting to a cemetery or crematory, provide and deliver a casket to your home, assist with the preparation work, transport the deceased to/from your home to the cemetery. Most everything can be done in your home except for embalming (for insurance and health purposes). We will hold your hand and guide you through the entire home funeral process all while remaining under the direction of an Arkansas licensed funeral director.  Phone number is also a 24 hour line.
Olivia BarehamOlivia Bareham | Los Angeles
Sacred Crossings Funeral Home
310-968-2763 |
Sacred Crossings Funeral Home is owned and operated by certified death midwives. We assist families with direct burials and cremations and also offer specialized support to those who wish to care for their loved-one’s body after death for a 1 to 3-day vigil and funeral at home. We use only green, bio-degradable products, our services are affordable and 100% natural, we do not embalm or manipulate features and we encourage family members to participate in as much of the after-death process as they feel comfortable with. For families who prefer not to have a home funeral but would like a little more time with their loved-one, we offer the opportunity to partake in preparation of the body, (bathing, dressing and/or shrouding) either at home, in the hospital or at our mortuary facility.
Cari LeverseeCari Leversee | San Luis Obispo
805-534-3096 |
My heartfelt passion is to compassionately serve people in reclaiming the sanctity of death. I was originally trained as a home funeral guide and then I became a CA state licensed funeral director to ease movement through industry related challenges. I am dedicated to supporting and empowering families to choose and direct how to care for their loved ones at end of life. In service of this mission, I provide guidance, education, advocacy and comprehensive support and service with death care – e.g., personalized ceremonies and vigils; loving body preparation and care; completing registration paperwork, providing transportation, arranging details of disposition, cremation and/or burial.
Version 2Shari Wolf | Los Angeles
Natural Grace Funerals
888-960-8882 |
Natural Grace has a natural approach to all funeral care and services for families and is pleased to assist families that desire a home funeral. We offer home funerals in combination with either burial or cremation. In addition, we offer just home funeral guidance if the family wants to completely care for the body through final disposition.
Daniel Flynn | Santa Barbara
Simply Remembered Cremation Care
805-569-7000 |
Our goal is to care for families with compassion and to facilitate their inclusion in the process of their Loved One’s final disposition. To be a trusted expert in the community and to always consider the significant responsibility that has been entrusted to us. To listen to the needs and desires of the family and recognize that we are here to guide them through this sensitive time with dignity and the respect we would want shown to our own family.
Caitlin Doughty & Amber Carvaly | Los Angeles
Undertaking LA
323-446-2233 |
Undertaking LA serves LA, Riverside, and Orange County. Our staff has over 19 years experience in the industry and our prices and offerings are simple and transparent. Our passion is helping support families who want more control over the death care process. Whether you’re looking for a home funeral, a delayed removal from a home, hospice, or nursing home, dressing and wake at our facility, witness cremation, or natural burial– we want the family to be as involved as their comfort level allows.
Keith_WoodworthKeith Woodworth | Colorado Springs
Front Range Removal Services
719-644-9531 |
As Funeral Directors, we are able to come to your home and assist with any needs you may have. We let you choose only the services you want and our General Price List is available upon request. We offer assistance with filing of death certificates and final disposition permits, transport services, and certain preparation services.
Stephanie Goes | Fort Collins
Goes Funeral Care
970-482-2221 |
I own Goes Funeral Care along with my husband, Chris. We opened our doors in 1997 with the vision of bringing funeral homes back around to the concept of old fashioned funeral care where there was healing involvement from the family and where the focus was on service and not sales. We are here to help in any way we can, be it transportation, consulting with families to help them handle death care on their own or taking care of all the details to make a home funeral a reality. We support the green burial movement and were instrumental in creating a green section at our local cemetery and look forward to the possibility of a conservation burial ground in the future. We have our own on-site crematory.
Kelsi Tesone Mathews | Broomfield
In Memoriam
303-997-6667 |
Home funeral-friendly Funeral Director: I am a Board Certified Funeral Director/Embalmer. I believe highly in professional and public death education and preparedness, care of the deceased, and families having the right to make their own decisions surrounding funerals. I stand firmly behind being a family-owned funeral provider. We serve all religions, cultures, and beliefs. We are honored to serve every family we come into contact with and always promise to give you the utmost care and compassion during this journey. Ofrecemos servicios en español.
Adriana_Corral_2Adriana Corral | Miami
Planting Legacies
305-992-2807 |
Adriana Corral, a Memorial and Commemorative Services Director is a Certified Celebrant, Funeral Director, and Bereavement Consultant. She has a wealth of experience in memorial and commemorative service delivery in the funeral industry and for various nonprofits. Adriana is also a certified as a Raw Food Chef and has years of experience working with the Deaf community.
Michael Mallory | Tallapoosa
941-400-5974 |
50+ year experienced funeral director/embalmer licensed in Georgia and Alabama. Available to guide you through preparation and interment process
Bodhi BeBodhi Be | Maui
Doorway Into Light
808-573-8334 |
As home funeral guides we provide support for the family to participate in washing, anointing and dressing their loved one. We assist in their creation of a ritual, that can include forming an altar around the body, with candles, flowers, photos, etc., decorating a cardboard or wooden casket or cloth shroud, and inviting their community to a home viewing. As funeral directors we continue to support the family through burial or cremation, and as bereavement counselors, through grieving.
JJoseph_McPheeoseph McPhee | Chicago
Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors
708-897-6109 |
Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors strive to meet the needs of you and your family. We are sensitive to the value and comfort of an in-home event. Visitation services can take place either at home or funeral home or alternative facility. We are able to support the family in all service aspects including the removal of the remains, preparation, equipment, staffing, clergy coordination, laying out the deceased, and procession from the home. Due to the varing logisitics involved, it is highly suggested that pre-planing is in place prior to need.
Nathan_ButlerNathan Butler, BS, LFD | Bloomington
Indiana Green Burials
812-961-1960 |
100 years ago Americans handled death at home, while decades of funeral service provider’s efforts to sanitize our experiences with death have trained us to upscale and outsource the process of grief and burial. To compete with the heavily marketed and entrenched funeral and cemetery establishment, Indiana Green Burial is able to make it very easy for clients to choose a service that is now out of the ordinary. Our “Green” or natural funeral service was created to promote choice regarding all aspects of after-death practices including care of the body, casket options, transport of the body and end of life rituals and ceremonies. Our “Green” services are conducted in a manner that focuses on allowing nature to biodegrade human remains.
Rhea M. von BrandenburgRhea_Brandenburg | Frederick, Washington Counties
240-329-6921 (on 24/7) |
Rhea is able to assist with filing of death certificates (paper or electronic), provide cremation containers or caskets, and can provide whatever hands on the family doesn’t feel comfortable with (washing of the body, setting features, etc.). Additionally, she can provide and administer dry ice, help with obituaries and submitting them to newspapers, help coordinate with cemetery or crematory, or any other funerary duty to help a family have a meaning funeral service in the comfort of their home, or wherever it may be. Rhea is happy to answer any questions the family may have. She is a licensed embalmer, so in a rare occurrence where a family would want the body embalmed for a home funeral, she can provide that service.  Rhea is also licensed in Pennsylvania and is available to the Franklin County area.
Dan_Hanson Dan Hanson | Lakeville
Living Tree Plan
612-229-6695 |
Dan provides unbiased education and compassion regarding your home funeral.  Your one trusted advocate to help navigate your journey from beginning to end. Helping you understand your options so you may cut expenses and maintain control. His focus is taking care of you, so you may focus on healing.
Mark_CournoyerMark Cournoyer | Jaffrey
Cournoyer Funeral Home
603-532-6484 |
My great-grandfather started our funeral home and began helping families almost 100 years ago. Back then, it was customary to have everything in someone’s home – from embalming to viewing and receiving visitors. The only time the deceased left the home was to go to church for the funeral and then to the cemetery. So continuing to do this today is not something that is new or different to us, as we are able to clearly say we have always assisted families with home funerals. Aside from the embalming part, (for legal reasons here in NH) we continue to help families remain in control of how everything occurs and where everything occurs, and remain able to offer suggestions of additional ways to make a funeral more personal, often without spending more money.
Buddy_PfaufBuddy Phaneuf  | Manchester, Boscawen, Littleton
Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium
603-625-5777 x 101 |
Amy CunninghamAmy Cunningham | Brooklyn
Fitting Tribute Funeral Services
718-338-8080, 718-288-0099 |
As a NY state licensed funeral director skilled in transfer from place of death and all document filing. Amy serves on the Ethics Committee of the NHFA. She is trained in all three levels of home vigil with Jerrigrace Lyons, I encourage all the families I serve to spend more time with the physical body of the deceased in the hours and days after death. Be it what funeral directors call a “delayed pick-up” lasting six to twelve hours and requiring no ice at all, or a more prolonged vigil with simple casket set up in the residence with ice to keep the body cool, I serve as a font of advice and comfort to those who see death as an opportunity to honor the deceased and celebrate the life–tenderly, naturally–in hopes that this will assist every family create a fitting tribute and start to let go.
Edward_KosmosEdward Kosmos | Raleigh
City of Oaks Cremation
919-438-1649 |
We pride ourselves in being able to provide guidance to families throughout NC that do not want to use a traditional funeral home or funeral director. We guide families through the process and help them understand the NC laws in regards to funeral service. One example is how they can legally transport a decedent in NC. This allows families to make better and informed decisions. Our goal is to help families honor their loved ones wishes. We are simply here to serve.
Jennifer_DuranJennifer Duran | Candler
Moore Funeral Home at Forest Lawn 
828-667-8717 |
We want to assist the family with as much or as little as they need. Their desires and preferences come before anything else, whether is is bringing extra chairs to the home or filing the death certificate, permits, placing obituaries or transportation, we want to be of service.  Our funeral home and cemetery are also certified by the Green Burial Council.
Deborah-Ron_ThreadgillDeborah & Ron Threadgill | Portland
Threadgill Memorial Services
503-526-3952 |
At Threadgill Memorial, our home funeral mission is to empower the family, companions and friends of the deceased to experience the time immediately after death as a natural transition. We want you to be able to honor your loved one in an intimate and personally significant manner, being in control of the timing and environment. This allows to you experience the serenity of the death process and its aftermath in an unrushed, private and reflective way.
Elizabeth Fournier | Boring
Cornerstone Funeral Services
503-637-5020 |
Do you know in many states (including my state of Oregon) you can act as your own funeral
director? A lot of my work is helping families take care of their loved ones in their own homes, with their own hands. I run a small, country funeral home and can assist in as much or as little support a family may need.
Kristin_HaumanKristin Hauman | Pittsburgh
The Natural Funeral Company
412-716-4435 |
Kristin offers compassionate guidance for “funerals without walls”. She works closely with families to create fitting celebrations of life anywhere except a funeral home such as a place of worship, community center, private residence, etc. Family members are invited to be actively involved if they wish, or let Kristin handle all the details for you. She also consults with families pre-funeral to help them make the best decisions at a less emotional time.
Frank_and_Donna_FalksFrank & Donna Falk | Hellertown and Pennsburg
Falk Funeral Homes & Crematory
800-767-4830 |
We are a small family owned (husband and wife) funeral event provider.  Frank J. Falk and I have been quoted and referenced in the book “A Natural Undertaking” by Penny Rhoads. We are very accessible and willing to help anyone who is interested in a home funeral, a green burial, or any other form of death care event planning. We have provided services to families that have requested home funerals. We have provided assistance to those seeking “Green Burials” in a local Green Burial Cemetery. We have assisted in the creation and use of homemade funeral products, caskets, shrouds, cremated remains containers, etc. We assist those looking to donate remains for use in medical training, and we assist in arranging organ donation and organ harvesting for medical study.
Char Barrett
Char Barrett
A Sacred Moment
Lucinda Herring
Lucinda Herring
A Sacred Moment
A Sacred Moment is one of the first and only funeral homes in the country that holds home funerals as a central vision. Founded by Char Barrett in 2007, we have grown over the years to our current staff of five women. We are proud to help support any option a family may choose, from home funerals and green burial, to conventional burial or direct cremation. We are also a resource center for families and communities seeking to handle the deathcare of their loved ones without the involvement of a funeral director. Our mission is to make funeral choices more sustainable and authentic, and to empower families to be as actively involved as they wish in the after-death care of their loved ones.
Nora_MenkinNora Menkin | Seattle
Managing Funeral Director
The Co-op Funeral Home of People’s Memorial
206-529-3800 | 
Nora began her career in the funeral industry at Final Passage’s workshop in 2006 and has been a licensed funeral director in Washington since 2009. She is happy to be a resource for families looking to make their own arrangements, or provide assistance in home funerals on any level families desire from verbal information, to hands-on assistance in the home.

bryan_lorentzen-2Bryan Lorentzen
| Everett
Solie Funeral Home and Crematory
425-252-5159 |
Solie Funeral Home and Crematory is more than happy to accommodate families and friends in conducting a Home Funeral.  We are a full-service funeral home offering transportation, refrigeration, and any other function necessary to care for those that have passed.  All of our Funeral Directors and staff are educated in Home Funerals and the Green Burial Movement and are happy to answer questions or offer assistance.

Disclaimer: Please note that the list of funeral directors above is provided as a public service and that inclusion on the list does not constitute endorsement by the NHFA, nor is the NHFA party to any agreements between funeral directors and individuals or organizations.