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Directory of Community Care Groups

Listed by state, Community Care Groups are made up of people who work together to provide information, training and assistance to people who want to learn about home funerals. Feel free to reach out to them for advice and support.


FullCircleFull Circle Living & Dying Collective
Akhila Murphy 530-432-6929 Cell/text 916-397-5443
We are a group of death midwives, educators, and guides trained in dying and after death care. Located in Western Nevada County, CA our intention is to educate our community through informative talks, presentations and Death Cafes. We encourage open communication with loved ones about end of life and after death care. We assist you through the dying process and offer guidance in death ritual, cermony, home vigil, home funeral, lying in honor, help with paperwork and disposition of loved one. We offer Compassionate tools for bringing about a smoothe transition from physical body and beyond.
returning-homeReturning Home
Lauren Carroll
Founded in 2014, Returning Home offers education and support to families and the community on the sacred act of caring for your dead at home. We also hold community fundraisers to support families in need and fund the first public eco preserve burial ground in Colorado! Returning Home is a component fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundations, a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
Death Doula Collective
Misa Terral
The Death Doula Collective is a group of trained Death Doulas in Boulder, CO. Our mission is to provide grounded presence, consistent companionship, coaching, practical assistance for home funeral planning and paperwork, ceremony, ritual, vigil and advocacy to support individuals and families through the end of life process. We serve to raise the conversation and consciousness of death, dying and grief by offering awareness, education, workshops, and resources to the beautiful community around us.
Dennis_Shuman Final Friends | Gainesville
Dennis Shuman
352-374-4478 |
Final Friends of Gainesville is an independent group of community volunteers who provide free education, guidance, and support for a “home funeral” to any individual or family who wants to care for their own deceased loved ones prior to burial or cremation. With the benefit of our knowledge and experience, we strive to make this choice of “caring for our own dead” an easier path for those that find it meaningful and preferable.
Threshold Support Circle
Lee Hoyt 410-409-0439,
Jennifer Downs 410-258-9343
Founded in 2009 by Jennifer Downs and Lee Hoyt, Threshold Support Circle provides a forum and resources to explore end-of-life issues and after-death care, including home funerals and green burials. We offer opportunities to discuss options, ask questions, learn new skills, and share stories of personal experience.
Minnesota Threshold Network
Nancy Manahan & Becky Bohan
612-823-1910 h,  612-209-6383 c
The Minnesota Threshold Network was formed in 2008 as an informal place to talk, share, and educate ourselves and others about the environmental, emotional and economic benefits of a more natural, less commercial, approach to death, including conscious dying, home vigils, family-directed funerals, and green burials. Small meetings are held monthly.  Larger public forums and film screenings are held periodically. All meetings are free and open to all. Nancy and Becky are co-authors of Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully: A Journey with Cancer and Beyond.
NHFREA-LogoNew Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education & Advocacy
Lee Webster, Elicia Dowd, Julie Lanoie, Susan Curtin, Deana Darby
Beginning as Turning Leaf Home Funerals, NHFREA now encompasses all things funeral as well as home funeral and green burial information and assistance. NHFREA offers presentations, workshops, community and spiritual group education, and personal and family consultative services as a nonprofit educational organization.
Lancaster Friends Meeting: Care Group for Death and Dying | Lancaster
Jodi Good
We are a care community with the purpose of caring for our own members at death. We desire to ‘wrap our arms around,’ be present, and comfort our Friend, her family and beloved during our Friend’s transition into death and memorial care. This spiritually-led ministry refl ects Friend’s beliefs in simplicity, community, and green consciousness. It fosters conscious dying and honors the wishes of our Friend. We provide home and hospital visits, waiting and wake vigils, body care and removal, transportation for cremation or green burial
Texas Home FuneralsTexas Home Funerals | Austin
Donna Belk and Sandy Booth
512-922-8043, 512-626-1339
Crossings Care Circle offers educational workshops and trainings for people who are planning to have a family-directed funeral, and give church and community groups, families and individuals the information they need to carry out a home funeral.
threshold-care-circleThreshold Care Circle
Charlene Elderkin, Susan Nesbit, Kathy Doerfer, Kathy Neidert, Ann O’Connor, Diane Banner, Kelly Whited-Ford, Jill Lynch
500 East Jefferson Street, Viroqua WI 54665
Founded in 2006 and located in southwestern Wisconsin, the mission of Threshold Care Circle is to educate and empower individuals and families who wish to care for their own at the time of death, according to their spiritual and/or cultural beliefs. We provide educational materials, group presentations and family consultations that prepare and empower individuals and the community to care for their dead at home, enabling them to carry out a home or family-directed funeral, with or without the services of a funeral director.
Last Breath LogoLast Breath | Roseneath
Barb Phillips
705-924-3763 h |905-376-3592 c

Last Breath was formed in 2012, and located in Central Ontario.  The members meet monthly as a community support group willing to explore death and all that surrounds that inevitable part of life.  Throughout our many gatherings we have clarified our goals and crafted an outreach action plan based on our mission statement:  ” To offer open minded discussions and information that challenge and expand personal views on dying and after-death alternatives.”  We initiate these conversations through Death Cafe events, film screening and discussion gatherings, and Die-alogue guest speaker forums.

Disclaimer: Please note that the “Get Assistance” lists are provided as a public service to those wishing to learn more about home funerals, and that inclusion on the list does not constitute endorsement by the NHFA. Nor is the NHFA party to any agreements between individuals or organizations who are included. Listed alphabetically by country > state > business name.