Fall fiesta details

Keep Home Funerals ALIVE Fall Fiesta

During our annual fundraising drive, we asked for your donation to help keep us in business. Our goal? What it takes to stay afloat each year – $8,000 annually to run our non-profit. Each night, a random listener was chosen for a special 1:1 mentoring meeting with an expert.

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Day of the Dead – Here! Now!

DAY 1: Learn about this Mexican cultural holiday and how you can celebrate your Ancestors on this day and all year long from NHFA board members and home funeral guides, Sara Williams and Kateyanne Unullisi. Listen to replay below.

kateyanne unullisi and sara williams

Ask our Experts Anything            

DAY 2: Join us for a ‘Question and Answer’ roundtable with Olivia Bareham, Home Funeral Guide; Amy Cunningham, Funeral Director; Stacy Mitchell, Funeral Celebrant. Listen to replay below.


Where Heart and Law Connect          

DAY 3: What does your community need to succeed with home funerals? NHFA board members Terry Skovronek and Sarah Crews break it down. Listen to replay below.



Wisdom of the Mothers – Honoring the Founders

DAY 4: Join the discussion with Jerrigrace Lyons, Home Funeral Guide; Elizabeth Knox, Home Funeral Guide; Char Barrett, Funeral Director; Donna Belk, Home Funeral Guide; Merilynne Rush, Home Funeral Guide; Karen van Vuuren, Home Funeral Guide. Listen to replay below.