Keep Home Funerals ALIVE!

THANK YOU to all of our donors who helped us meet our goal of $8,000. We are truly blown away that we made it…thanks to you!

You helped us with our operating costs for this coming year. Now we can all get offices overlooking Central Park!

Not true…and you know it. We don’t have an office. We don’t have a view of a park. But we DO have a view of the future of home funerals. We help our members keep an eye on state laws and act when needed. We provide AMAZING resources of people, information, stories, podcasts, books, and more here on this website.

We’re all a bunch of passionate volunteers running this virtual alliance from across the country. Our working board is from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado and Washington. Our volunteers (thank you!) show up from all over the place, including England. You – our members – live in all 50 states.

We’re growing – fast. We’re responding to changing times quickly. We’re available to anyone – families, press, funeral directors – whenever they ask. We’re here for YOU.

Listen to recordings from our week of calls.