Connect with the Unbroken Circle, at the 2017 NHFA Conference

What happens when a Jew, a Muslim, and a Buddhist funeral director talk about caring for the dead? Find out at the National Home Funeral Alliance conference.

You’ve come again – or for the first time – to join together with home funeral folks from all over the world. You’ve arrived at the beautiful Pearlstone Center on Friday afternoon, found your way to your room, and met a few friends.

Wandered around getting the feel of the place…maybe feeling a bit shy. You check out the Altar Art Project and the Before I Die Wall. Then you gather for the first farm-to-table meal of the weekend for dinner. Make some new friends and visit with some dear ones you’ve missed…or always wanted to meet. And then, you gather in a room to hear an amazing collection of people from all faiths and walks of life share how we are all one in our mission to care for our own after death.

Join us as we listen to a facilitated panel discussion and Q&A with David Zinner, Kavod V’nichum; NoorudDean Abu Ibraheem, the Janazah Project; and Lucinda Herring, Thresholds Consulting & Ministry.

Jew. Muslim. Buddhist funeral director.

And you.

They’ll have a conversation about

  • how to advocate from an historical and spiritual perspective
  • how we can support these faith communities
  • how they can support us
  • and what we can learn from their unbroken traditional funeral practices

And you’ll have a chance to ask questions, too.

Please join us. Register today and share in this inclusive time together. September 22 – 24 near WA DC.

Learn more about the speakers.

Thanks to A Sacred Moment for sponsoring ‘The Unbroken Circle.’