Conferences & Events

Funeral Consumers Alliance Biennial Conference
June 5 - 8, 2014
Minneapolis MN

Our NHFA board members will be attending this year's FCA conference, as will many NHFA members from around the country. We will be addressing the conference with information about the NHFA and providing hands-on body care demonstrations.

We encourage your attendance and support of this sister organization that includes home funerals in its mission of consumer advocacy. We hope to see you there!

A Will for the Woods
Green Burial Documentary

Find out where you can see this award-winning documentary throughout the US by going to A Will for the Woods.

“This powerful award-wining documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in alternatives to conventional, commercial funerals. The film focuses on psychiatrist Clark Wang, originally from Ann Arbor, who has lymphoma and is driven by a passion to return to “traditional and natural ways of handling our dead.” His commitment to explore options for an eco-friendly end sets in motion the creation of a natural burial ground in a section of forest slated to be leveled for conventional graves. This is Dr. Wang’s “will for the woods”undefined and his legacy. Wang’s peaceful yet straightforward approach to death is grounded in his faith and in the knowledge that his body will nourish the earth. A Will for the Woods is an immersive, life-affirming depiction of people coming to terms with mortality by embracing their connection to nature."

(Review adapted from Natural Transitions Magazine and used with permission)

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