Coming Home: Exploring the Idea of Home Through Ritual and Ceremony

We’ll be held in loving hands spiritually at our home funeral conference weekend with Sharon Moore.

For millennia, the home has been where many sacred events took place and were celebrated. Births, important life events, and deaths often occurred and were honored in the home.

Within the walls of our houses, life unfolds and irrevocably transforms us.  Along with family and friends, home becomes more than a place of rest but also a space of nourishment, safety, learning, and personal growth.

Sharon will invite us to explore these concepts of home more deeply through storytelling, altar building, and meaningful ritual.

Sharon Moore has been creating and performing threshold rituals for over a decade.  An ordained minister, spiritual counselor, Reiki Master, and end of life guide, she believes that conscious action aligns us with our divine path and that we must intentionally and boldly claim our purpose.  She utilizes sacred ritual and ceremony as a beautiful and expressive way to acknowledge our blessings and intentions.

Sharon believes that by honoring life’s divine moments, love can grow and flourish.

Please join us. Register today and share in this inclusive time together. September 22 – 24 near WA DC.

Learn more about Sharon’s practice, Alchemical Touch.