Monthly member teleconference

June 19, 2012 10:38 AM | Peg Lorenz


I'm a little late in posting about the last monthly member teleconference that happened on June 10th. We had a smaller group than usual, six including me. But smaller in some ways was better as everyone seemed to feel freer to jump in to the discussion. Heather from MA and Sharon from CA called in from the FCA conference in Arizona. They gave a report about the various speakers. Bart Windham who wrote "Notes from the Waiting Room" and who spoke at our last conference was there with a new book (didn't get the name). Also a Funeral Director from Vermont, Randy Gardner, spoke. The speaker that generated a lot of buzz was Ed Howard, a lobbyist for the Center for the Public Interest. For those of us who couldn't go to the conference we will have to see if there are notes or recordings of the sessions.


Someone asked about how we find family-run funeral homes in our area vs the big conglomerates. Heather suggested we go to the FCA website, and look at the funeral home price surveys. One of the questions in the survey is how their business is structured.


I brought up the subject of feeling like I am in a slump these days, working alone and not feeling like I have the energy to generate the next course of action. Everybody was very sympathetic and helpful. It's always nice to know that we're not alone. Olivia from CA talked about the big slumps that she has experienced. One strategy she has used is to "throw out an email to everyone I know and invite them over for tea". Get energy from others.  She also reminded us that we are creating a foundation so that when the groundswell occurs we will be ready to ride the wave.


Charlene from WI suggested that one way to create energy around us is to have a class for people who are interested in getting deeper into home funerals vs just sitting through an educational presentation. She also inserted that she has an audio version of one of the sessions from our NHFA conference in CO. The Therese Shroeder-Shaker and the Buddhist monk sessions. You can contact her at


Thank you all for participating. I encourage all our members to check out this monthly call. It's fun and informative!




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