Monthly Member Teleconference 4/8/12

April 09, 2012 12:19 PM | Peg Lorenz

     The Resource committee facilitated another member teleconference last night. We had a smaller group given that it was Easter Sunday. Attendees included home funeral guides and others just starting out. The whole country was well represented and included folks from CA, TX, MI, FL, PA and MA. The initial introductions are always interesting. It's wonderful to hear from people all over the country and exciting to know all the good work that is being done.          

     Discussions included questions from the Florida caller who is part of the Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetary and now he and a small group want to help families with home funerals. Callers gave him lots of resources and ideas for how to get started.

      I spoke about the recent legislative alert that went out after a committee in the PA senate attempted to insert language into a bill which would have restricted a family's right to bring their loved one directly to a crematory. With the help of the Funeral Consumers Alliance and numerous calls to individual legislators the language was removed from the bill. A great victory!

     The calls are a great way to connect to our larger movement. I encourage you all to check it out! 


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