March conference call (please excuse errors, Mac I s not cooperating with corrections).

March 13, 2012 5:22 PM | Anonymous
During the discussion on Sun. Evening there was a discussion about groups to share and provide support to those providing care and support the end o f life.  I am part of a, "Threshold",group in Pa.  We share similar things like other groups but recently we have been using, "Undertaken With Love", as away to create common ground and now has lead us to looking at the purpose, affiliation and goals of the group.  The booklet c an be downloaded without cost and we shared the work with 2 people taking responsibility for a chapter each month.  We are being led in many ways and a wonderful and growing group has been part of the process.  Although I missed a couple of meetings I still feel part of the process due to the guidance of the booklet and the shared e-mails from members of the group.  
We  meet monthly and have shared a an afternoon  about caring for the body with the community and have a movie night scheduled.
Church affiliation for the group, State laws and structure availability, and financial considerations are just some of the exploration.


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