2011 NHFA Conference by Donna Belk

July 20, 2011 12:44 PM | Cari Leversee

The National Home Funeral Alliance conference is Sept. 21-24, 2011 in Boulder. I have attended all three conferences and love the information that is shared. But more than that I love connecting and getting to know others who are involved in home funerals across the country. Each person has a slightly different perspective to share and I always get great ideas from talking with others over lunch or between sessions.

This year at the conference there will be a strong focus on Hospices and how home funeral guides can work within and through them. Personally, I see a home funeral as a natural extension of hospice and I volunteer for hospice in all ways that I can (visiting patients, Threshold Singing, Bath Angel, Pet Angel, 11th Hour Volunteer, etc.). I'll be doing a special breakout session at the NHFA conference on how we, as home funeral guides, can interface with local hospices and serve them … but also use that as an opportunity to get the message out about home funerals.

Thank you,

Donna Belk

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