An Evening In The Parlor

What a day this Saturday at the NHFA conference is turning into. After a morning filled with learning how to take our movement up a notch, and a time spent planning where we are all headed next, it’s time for…fun!

Collect your friends, get comfy, and settle in for the first of our special movie presentations, In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye.

This film by Heidi Boucher takes a critical look at the American relationship with death and a positive look into the home death care movement.

Rejecting the mainstream tradition of hiring funeral professionals to care for the deceased, families in search of a more personal and fulfilling way to say goodbye are taking an active role in caring for relatives who have died.

In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye takes viewers on a journey where very few have gone, and challenges us to reflect on this uncomfortable subject, which so often is hidden away and ignored.

Heidi will join our Filmmaker’s Reception via Skype later, at 8:45 pm.

Popcorn and a movie! Register today and watch this home funeral classic with your friends. September 22 – 24 near WA DC.

Learn more about the speakers.

Thanks to Natural Burial Company for sponsoring In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye.