2015 Committees

Join a Committee!

Your participation on committees is vital! Below you will find descriptions of what each committee does. Please let us know on which committee(s) you would be willing to serve. Thank you!

2016 Committee Charters and Activities

Adopted by the Board of Directors August 12, 2015, Effective as of October 2015

Communications Committee

This requires intermediate to advanced computer skills as database management is part of this committee.

  1. respond to general public inquiries and media requests
  2. craft the NHFA brand and message
  3. oversee development and design of all NHFA promotional materials
  4. oversee educational outreach programs
  • maintain the NHFA website, including directories and archives
  • produce a monthly e-newsletter for friends and members
  • create music lists, book lists, audio and video archives
  • solicit first person home funeral stories
  • design brochures, presentations, posters, retractables for member use
  • write and publish books, pamphlets, online webinars or classes for sale
  • create and publicize webinars
  • produce, proofread and edit NHFA materials prior to publication or distribution
  • maintain and grow the NHFA YouTube Channel
  • coordinate promotion on social media, Facebook, Twitter
  • seek out and create joint project opportunities with sister organizations
  • oversee and track monthly conference calls

Events Committee

  1. organize the biennial conference
  2. organize and administer special events
  3. organize board retreats with Executive Committee
  • confirm guests and presenters
  • develop content and create schedules
  • coordinate with event venue
  • coordinate meal plans and room reservations
  • set up payment and registration processes
  • give updated information, images, copy to coms committee to update website and other
  • materials
  • provide event publicity data to the Communications Committee
  • solicit, manage and oversee presenter’s tables, and sales tables at the event
  • track processes and procedures in the Event Manual
  • prepare a conference budget with the assistance of the Treasurer

Fundraising Committee

  1. seek and raise funds to support operations and programs
  • identify grant funding needs and match to foundations
  • solicit sponsors, vendors and donors for conferences and events
  • create and mail out annual fundraising appeal letter
  • create online giving opportunities
  • develop ideas for items for sale to the public online and at events with Communication Committee
  • set up and publicize online fundraising programs such as AmazonSmiles, GoFundMe
  • organize silent auctions, other fundraising events
  • track income and expenditures of outreach activities

Finance Committee

This requires intermediate to advanced computer skills as database management is part of this committee.

  1. ensure that complete, accurate financial records are maintained
  2. ensure that yearly federal and state tax returns are filed in a timely manner
  3. research and advise on the protection of organization’s financial assets
  • aid Treasurer in the development of the annual budget
  • oversee compliance with local, state and federal regulations governing nonprofit financial reporting
  • track income and expenditures
  • submit monthly financial statements to the Board (balance sheet and income statement)
  • report monthly to the Board on pledges, donations

Legislative Committee

  1. educate about the laws pertaining to home funerals
  2. advocate for families’ rights
  • act as point persons for legislative challenges
  • write letters to policymakers advocating for home funeral rights when home funeral rights are being challenged legislatively
  • report topics of interest to the committee and the board
  • coordinate concerted efforts to educate policymakers through visits and outreach
  • develop materials to educate the public about their rights and responsibilities
  • track legislative outreach efforts

Membership Committee

This requires intermediate to advanced computer skills as database management is part of this committee.

  1. maintain records and perform outreach
  2. manage volunteer programs
  • monitor membership database (format as needed to be style consistent; if new members have a special skill or want to volunteer, refer them to the correct person; pull reports for other board members as requested; prepare a monthly report for the board as to how many new members have joined; search for duplicates and remove if found)
  • recruit volunteers, assign and manage activities, maintain volunteer hours, create volunteer recognition programs
  • write thank you notes or emails, respond to donors
  • respond to inquiries from the public regarding membership questions
  • plan and coordinate regional groups