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Gentle Passages, Inc.; Beyond Hospice Certification Course


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Gentle Passages, Inc.; Beyond Hospice Certification Course

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Please describe your experience or interest in the field of death and dying.
My experience and interest in the field of death and dying has grown through friends, family and involvement in an intentional community. The contrast between caring for one's own and visiting a funeral home were strong for me...learning about the options for people living in the wider community while helping a woman who was struggling with cancer and a brain tumor led to my awareness of this as a possible 'next phase' career.
Your story: What brought you to your interest in home funerals and your desire to be part of NHFA?
I have always been interested in protecting human rights and a person who likes to explore options. Learning about the movement on a national level and the need to join forces to get the word out is a motivator and an inspiration for me; it suites my pioneering nature!
Please describe home funeral trainings or workshops you've attended (where, when, with whom).
I explored different trainings and Donna Belk's seemed like a good match for its style, budget and timing. I have graduated from her course. Before connecting with her and her course I took a workshop locally with the Christian Community Church which followed a course that Beth Knox had given. This was led by Jenny Bingham. I also took a workshop with a small group called Natural Undertakings.
I have also given a workshop on Home Funerals and Care of the Body (Nov. 2011).
A small group I was part of for two years used "Undertaken with Love" to explore its identity and foundations.
What is your occupation?
Currently, I am self-employed and this is my 4thish career.I have two businesses that call on my dormant entreprenuerial soul: 1) a small agency (with a business partner) providing day services for individuals with developmental disabilities 2)Gentle Passages that includes care of self and the home funeral education.
I have my MS in Health, Recreation & Physical Education with specialization in Athletic Training. I lived in two Camphill Communities and have been house leader, teacher and Executive Director. I taught elementary school PE for 10.5 years upon graduation from the university. I directed fitness and cardiac programs at a center alongside my budding teaching career back in the 80's.
What would you like to see the NHFA offer in the future? What expertise are you willing to share?
I am satisfied with the current temperature and progress of the NHFA. I hope to grow with you! I am interested in the speaker's bureau... and I am on the legislative committee with many of the inspiring people I met in Chicago this past Oct.
How did you hear about the NHFA?
Anything more you would like us to know about you? Comments to share?
I am inspired by the people I am meeting in the field. I like a team and community minded approach. My experience and interest comes from a slightly different background rather than out of hospice work. My experience with hospice is from friends and family members who used hospice services.While I believe medical support is important and needed, I believe more and more that death is not meant to be a medical event.
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