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After Death Home Care
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Merilynne Rush
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Home Funeral Guide, Green Burial Advocate

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3520 E. Pineview Dr.
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Please describe your experience or interest in the field of death and dying.
As a midwife and nurse I cared for families who had lost a loved one and was naturally drawn to helping people integrate the experience into their lives and their reality by knowing it was okay to spend time with the body. When I heard that home funeral was possible, I was naturally drawn to it.
Your story: What brought you to your interest in home funerals and your desire to be part of NHFA?
I read an article about Jerrigrace in 2008 and then began trying to learn everything I could!
Please describe home funeral trainings or workshops you've attended (where, when, with whom).
I took a Crossings training with Beth Knox in 2009, the same month I attended my first home funeral.
What is your occupation?
Home Funeral Guide. I also do some in-home care of the elderly and lead student travel groups to India and Central America.
What would you like to see the NHFA offer in the future? What expertise are you willing to share?
I would like to see a newsletter, regional chapters and meetings, and more networking opportunities for home funeral guides so that we can better educate the public and empower families who wish to care for their own dead.
Anything more you would like us to know about you? Comments to share?
Since 2009 I have attended 16 families (as of October, 2013). I give presentations and trainings all over the country. I have been on the board of the NHFA since September, 2011 and served as Secretary from October 2012 to October 2013. I facilitate a local Death Cafe that meets monthly. I am also a writer.
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