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Have been doing this work for 6 years. Formalized my credentials to FDR due to institutional resistance 3 years ago. Worked / apprenticed alongside another FDR for a year to gain a lot of experience. Have been doing it alone for a year. Considering formalizing my business with a community of home funeral guides.
Your story: What brought you to your interest in home funerals and your desire to be part of NHFA?
My father died in 2004. I was instinctively drawn to bathe him, dress him and anoint him. His wife, my brother and the hospice nurse all thought my actions were strange. I began to research attitudes towards death in my western culture since I was brought up to be afraid. I had listened to my heart and was hearing traditions from my ancestors. A class with Jerrigrace Lyons told me there was a whole community that thought differently. I went on to take classes from Nancy Jewel Poer, Char Barret, NHFA and more. I haven't looked back since.
Please describe home funeral trainings or workshops you've attended (where, when, with whom).
As mentioned earlier, I have taken a 4 day training with Jerrigrace, a 2 day training and a 1 day training with Nancy Jewel Poer, a 1 day training with Char Barret, a 1 day training with Beth Knox at a NHFA conference and a partial day training at another NHFA conference with Donna Belk and Heather Massey. After all the conceptual learning I found a home funeral director in California and volunteered to apprentice with him for a year and it was there that I got lots of hands on experience.
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Funeral director specializing in home and family-directed funerals.
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CA State licensure in the funeral industry.
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